The Little Things

During the pandemic, I am learning to make full use of my space;  noticing things I have available but have never used.  I found myself going into my backyard area and sitting outside.  It has become a routine (day two at least lol)! I thought to sit on the opposite side of the table, with my cup of tea and current writing journal.  My goal was to write and listen to my recording from our last studio session. I happened to lean back and look up.  There was an amazing view of the sky!  It felt AMAZING to stretch my neck back and just take in a moment of nature and nature's beauty.  It was “a little thing,” however, it made me wonder why I had never come outside my own backdoor in the morning, in 6 years of living here, to just take a moment to look up... breathe, enjoy the view, write songs from my own back yard. Hmm..... I know we all are discovering things during this ‘unique season.’  Thanks for reading and I hope you may discover something in a new way in your own familiar place while “sheltering in place."❤️ 

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