Patrice isley

Born and raised in the vibrant city of Houston, Texas, Patrice Isley's musical journey began at the tender age of four when she embarked on a lifelong love affair with music. By age four, she was already a regular presence in the family home, captivating her family, performing alongside her sisters, with her prodigious talent. 

Aged five, Patrice became a regular on the television show “Romper Room”, a show aimed at pre-schoolers.  It was syndicated and also franchised domestically and internationally.  Coming from a family of professionals, her father being a pioneering sales executive and her mother a dedicated schoolteacher, Patrice's artistic flair was nurtured from a young age.

Patrice's formative years were filled with the resonant melodies of her father's dynamic vocal range, which effortlessly spanned Sam Cooke's soulful notes, Eddie Kendricks' high-pitched Temptations tunes, and the deep baritone harmonies of Gospel quartets he cherished. 

Her mother's eclectic taste introduced her to a diverse musical landscape, with road trips and home life permeated by the sounds of Barry White, Jeffrey Osborne, LTD, Barbra Streisand, Neil Diamond, and Seals and Croft. Patrice's musical horizons expanded further as she immersed herself in the soaring vocals of Minnie Riperton, the sustained notes of Melba Moore, and the gospel power of Mahalia Jackson.

Although she didn't grow up in a church environment, Patrice's grandmother's admiration for Mahalia Jackson left an indelible mark on her. Meanwhile, the era's music icons, such as the Jackson 5, Marvin Gaye, and Stevie Wonder, captured her heart.

As her family traveled extensively due to her father's business, Patrice often found herself as one of the few African-American students in her schools, exposing her to a rich tapestry of rock and roll during her elementary and junior high years. She grooved to the likes of George Clinton, Chaka Khan, Parliament Funkadelic, Prince, Rick James, and the emerging sounds of Sugar Hill Records' pioneering rap music.

Patrice's passion for singing Angela Winbush’s “Your Smile” and Patti Labelle’s “Kiss Away The Pain”, led her to excel in singing competitions during her college years, providing valuable financial support. Graduating from Marquette University, she continued her vocal education under the guidance of renowned vocal instructor David Lee Brewer. Under his tutelage, her voice blossomed into a mesmerizing 5-octave instrument, characterized by its smooth yet powerful delivery.

During this period, Patrice's dedication to her craft intersected with the early career of Destiny's Child, as she introduced members Beyonce, Kelly, LaTavia, and LeToya to David Lee Brewer, who became their vocal coach.

In pursuit of her dreams, Patrice moved to Los Angeles and swiftly secured her first singing engagement within a week. She joined a group that included Nina Simone's daughter, Lisa Simone, and Broadway actress Jannie Jones. Shortly thereafter, she recorded her first studio session, providing background vocals for the legendary Teddy Pendergrass.

From there, she went to work extensively on numerous tours and with more than 30 A-list recording artists such as Barry White, Gladys Knight, Philip Bailey, El Debarge and Andre Crouch over the years before embarking on her solo journey in 2016 with her debut album, "BELIEVE IN LOVE." 

Her 2022 single release, "PATRICE'S GROOVE," featured the enchanting piano talents of Spyro Gyra's keyboardist Tom Schuman which climbed to an impressive #11 position on the Smooth Jazz music charts. Her current single, “HARVEST FOR THE WORLD,” reached #2 on local UK music chart.

Her single “FREE” hit #1 for two weeks after only 7 weeks on a local UK music chart in early 2024.

With a passion for spreading hope and love through her music, Patrice Isley strives to fill the void left by departed legends in the realm of Soul Music. Her sacred mission continues to inspire and uplift audiences worldwide.

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