Music Review by CoffeeTalk Jazz magazine editor, Bridgette Lewis

Patrice Isley’s music artfully threads R&B, Jazz, and Soul into every note she sings. Her rendition of "Free" made famous by Deniece Williams has been described as "one of the great soul voices" by fan Yolanda Jefferey-Smith CoffeeTalk Jazz Radio 
Reading, PA (4-year fan and listener). 

This 5-Octave, Singer-Songwriter & Recording artist has been described by other listeners as "one of the great sweet female voices heard on CoffeeTalk Jazz Radio." 
Billy Ruston - Buffalo, New York (7-year fan). 

Over time Patrice has proven she has staying power with a music career spanning 30 years. She is still a consistent interpreter of every song sang. There is something in the way Patrice moves an audience when she holds a single note. "A joyful, sonic immersion made for the dance floors. Her sound distorting time with the old speak easy style and stage presence in this modern age of music. This songbird’s music shines a light on real singing and solo work." Her latest single “Patrice Groove” is a marvelous piece of melodic music art with a fluid flow supported by world class pianist Tom Schuman of Spyro Gyra:  Add this track to your Spotify play list. 

I have worked with Patrice for months personally interviewing her while she bared her soul and shared her music journey on CoffeeTalk Jazz Radio. It was unanimous after the CoffeeTalk team heard her single "Better.," that I was asked to listen to the track. I was hooked on her voice and selected her for a coveted spot to represent our international brand.  She is a fan favorite. 

History has been Patrice Isley is one of only four Women in the twelve-year history of CoffeeTalk Jazz Magazine to grace the cover. 
Our poll results are in with 71.5 % responding with an overwhelming consensus. Patrice’s voice is erasing boundaries around music. If you can find a song stylist of the past 10 years who mixes varying decades of music captivating the listeners with her fluid and diverse interpretation. A Star is Born…… 

"Patrice Isley remains a consistent interpreter of song and her voice is outrageously, pure and expressive." 

Music Review 
Bridgette Lewis 
Editorial Director 
February 7th, 2023 


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