Patrice Isley's Hidden Treasures TV Show!”

— Hosted by Patrice Isley

Patrice Isley's Hidden Treasures Show

Shining the Light on special People, Places and Things 


After the tragic Oct. 1, 2017 mass shooting, Las Vegas has many stories of how the community has worked to bounce back and regain it’s strength, including recent success of the Las Vegas Knights and the soon coming Raider’s Football Team. 

This television show is designed to feature points of interest that will inspire even the most seasoned “local” resident and any viewer that watches globally!

 Patrice will uncover fun, interesting, and uplifting local hideaways, people and events, which will include: 

            -Unique, personal interest stories 

            -Feature local businesses or events “off the normal beaten path” in Las Vegas, NV 

            -Highlighting entertainers that have interesting stories!


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Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

Home of "Patrice Isley's Hidden Treasures"

Home of "Patrice Isley's Hidden Treasures"

Stay Tuned For My Upcoming Show! 2018

Stay Tuned For My Upcoming Show! 2018

Sample Show Content

Sample Upcoming Segments: 


  • Local Hidden Treasure music artist that is the Master of Scatting in Jazz music, (Cab Calloway, Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald era), that worked with music greats including Johny Mathis and more! 
  • Large Hidden Treasure building, that over 300,000 cars pass daily, that most Las Vegans have No Idea what’s inside!! 
  • Hidden Treasure owners that own a winery and sponsor the "Longest Running Consistent Weekly Event" here in Las Vegas that many people have yet to see!!

Sample Videos Coming Soon