Dress Up Showtime!

Left:  Me - As a little girl      Right:  Me - Backstage on my first professional tour in France with Barry White.

Click here to see GREAT performance where I got to sing with Barry White! (Also, SUBSCRIBE to channel - Thanks!)

When I see this photo, it touches my heart.  I see a little girl who would play "dress up" and who would go "on stage" daily, at home, and put on SHOWS in front of my imaginary audience, parents, relatives, dolls and whomever would come into the room!  I see a solid "hope" and understanding in my eyes that I am here to sing, write and perform.  I see no doubt, nor foreshadowing for the things that would occur to become the woman on the right.


Looking at this photo encourages me to continue, in my journey, to sing, to present well visually, to bring quality music to the industry and to the public.  It makes it worth it to press through, during this pandemic, to do what it takes to persevere.  Catch my journey here and @PatriceIsley on Facebook (Follow), Instagram and YouTube (Subscribe).  Thanks! 



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