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Thrilled about "BETTER" 

2021 is going to be great!  I have been so blessed to use the last few months of 2020 to work with multiple musicians to record an AMAZING album.  I am not bragging.  I say this because I was spent with all the suffering and loss in 2020. 

I prayed and asked God to help me do SOMETHING to share hope and to revive beautiful music to share with the World.... and HE did!  

The first single will debuted in the UK this month and I am thrilled!  The song is called "BETTER" and tough critics have given it rave reviews.  I want people to listen to it and to share it with as many people as they can... to uplift them and to infuse HOPE!  Stay tuned to my site for links and info and for this and other songs SOON to be released.  (Join my email list so you get updates and notices!)  THANKS AND BE BLESSED! 


Another Birthday!!  Someone on social media, grabbed a photo of mine and made this wonderful birthday themed magazine cover.  I am definitely grateful.  I am also thankful for things I am looking forward to.  I have started working on my new album and I have quite the cadre of musicians and producers working with me on this.  Stay tuned!! Sign up for email updates if you haven't already.  Annnnd I still have my current cd available for sale on this site.  Thanks for your support!

Working with Gladys Knight 


I was blessed to work with Mrs. Knight on a song she recorded for the Winter Olympics. They flew me in to Las Vegas to record, from Los Angeles, along with her long time background singer Vonciele Faggett.  

The recording studio was in Mrs. Knight’s home! She was so Gracious!!  I felt welcomed and honored to be in the presence of a music Legend!   

She welcomed us, after the fleet of Escalades they had pick us up from the airport, by apologizing that she hadn’t “cooked for us personally!” She fed us well, however, & we went to work! Her brother Bubba was there and helped us through the session. He was so sweet/fun/kind. I’ll never forget that experience😊🎼

Dress Up Showtime! 

Left:  Me - As a little girl      Right:  Me - Backstage on my first professional tour in France with Barry White.

Click here to see GREAT performance where I got to sing with Barry White! (Also, SUBSCRIBE to channel - Thanks!)

When I see this photo, it touches my heart.  I see a little girl who would play "dress up" and who would go "on stage" daily, at home, and put on SHOWS in front of my imaginary audience, parents, relatives, dolls and whomever would come into the room!  I see a solid "hope" and understanding in my eyes that I am here to sing, write and perform.  I see no doubt, nor foreshadowing for the things that would occur to become the woman on the right.


Looking at this photo encourages me to continue, in my journey, to sing, to present well visually, to bring quality music to the industry and to the public.  It makes it worth it to press through, during this pandemic, to do what it takes to persevere.  Catch my journey here and @PatriceIsley on Facebook (Follow), Instagram and YouTube (Subscribe).  Thanks! 



The Little Things 

During the pandemic, I am learning to make full use of my space;  noticing things I have available but have never used.  I found myself going into my backyard area and sitting outside.  It has become a routine (day two at least lol)! I thought to sit on the opposite side of the table, with my cup of tea and current writing journal.  My goal was to write and listen to my recording from our last studio session. I happened to lean back and look up.  There was an amazing view of the sky!  It felt AMAZING to stretch my neck back and just take in a moment of nature and nature's beauty.  It was “a little thing,” however, it made me wonder why I had never come outside my own backdoor in the morning, in 6 years of living here, to just take a moment to look up... breathe, enjoy the view, write songs from my own back yard. Hmm..... I know we all are discovering things during this ‘unique season.’  Thanks for reading and I hope you may discover something in a new way in your own familiar place while “sheltering in place."❤️ 

Powerful Day..... 

The day starting with good news that one of my "song story" videos is in the finals for a project Sony Music is doing with an industry partner.  I am thrilled.  The project involved my submitting a "video back story" explaining the "story" behind one of songs.  I was selected and my submission will be part of their international competition.  All good!  It is great when we have acknowledgement of our work and "Purpose."  The song is called, "YOU MAKE ME SAY."  You can hear a sample of it on my website and download it here also.

I now find myself pressed with emotion from watching the "George Floyd" funeral from my hometown of Houston, TX.  It was a powerful service and powerful reminder of the aftermath of his murder; now with global reactions.  It is angering, inspiring, hurtful and cause for action.  I respect the peaceful protestors and pray for healing and Justice.  Here is a link to some powerful (our word for today) photos from the service: Washington Post Photos of George Floyd Funeral June 9, 2020

My resolve is to work more determinately on my music and other contributions I am to contribute to the planet.  Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee said, George Floyd's purpose was what we are involved in now - giving his life for change.  What will be our legacy? ..... Working on it!

Nature Speaks 

I was taking a walk this morning and ran into this beautiful sunrise. There was a dark cloud right in the center of the bright light around it. It reminded me that although there is so much going on in the world right now, God’s Love and Light will prevail. As a musician, and a writer, I am grappling with recording the times that we are living in through Sound. It has been painful to watch the murder of George Floyd, and all of the unrest thereafter. My prayer is that things will definitely change for the better, soon as possible. In the meantime, we “hope” and do the best we can to be kind to one another and mindful, as we move for racial, economic and political change.

Debut Blog June 3, 2020 

Well!!  This is my debut Blog!  I am excited to have another way to share with Fans! Feel free to check back, share with others and stay tuned in to find out my "written" thoughts!  In the meantime, "Stay Safe."