Powerful Day.....

The day starting with good news that one of my "song story" videos is in the finals for a project Sony Music is doing with an industry partner.  I am thrilled.  The project involved my submitting a "video back story" explaining the "story" behind one of songs.  I was selected and my submission will be part of their international competition.  All good!  It is great when we have acknowledgement of our work and "Purpose."  The song is called, "YOU MAKE ME SAY."  You can hear a sample of it on my website and download it here also.

I now find myself pressed with emotion from watching the "George Floyd" funeral from my hometown of Houston, TX.  It was a powerful service and powerful reminder of the aftermath of his murder; now with global reactions.  It is angering, inspiring, hurtful and cause for action.  I respect the peaceful protestors and pray for healing and Justice.  Here is a link to some powerful (our word for today) photos from the service: Washington Post Photos of George Floyd Funeral June 9, 2020

My resolve is to work more determinately on my music and other contributions I am to contribute to the planet.  Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee said, George Floyd's purpose was what we are involved in now - giving his life for change.  What will be our legacy? ..... Working on it!

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